Young Lesbian Redhead And Brunette Enjoying The Shower Together

Duration: 6:51 Views: 205K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: When you feel dirty and out of touch with the world, would recommend you go take a nice, long shower to wash all your worries away. This is exactly why this redhead and brunette are in the shower. They feel a bit dirty, and while going in the shower and putting the water on, they start kissing and caressing each other's bodies. They look at one another sensually and with youthful vigor, and while their naughty hands go up and down on each other's bodies they can feel the heat building up, and it's not from the water. The sexy brunette touches her redhead friend all over her pierced tits and sexy tattoos, and as they slowly fade away in the mist of the hot water, they kiss each other with such intensity, that not even the dripping water from their young sexy bodies can match the dripping from their pussies while they finger each other on the floor like mad!
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