Intense Fight Between a Lesbian Redhead and Horny Brunette

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Description: Make love not war, that is what everyone is slowly starting to realize in the world, and we at have realized that this is the total truth. That is why these simply gorgeous girls have decided to settle their differences with a fight to see which cat is more furious. They tug and battle in the ring while their clothes slowly start to fall off, and when the brunette Asian got the redhead one on the floor then things started to take the turn for the best. She sat on her face with a move that was not seen anywhere in the wrestling universe, and when the redhead turned the tables on her and started fingering her, it was just too much for the brunette. She surrendered, and let the short-haired girl have the W, and while they were scissoring with great prolific pleasure, it was clear that they both won this round!
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